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  1. I’ve sessioned with Laken on two occasions and both have been memorable. She does not stop for breath! Incredible strength, amazing holds and always in complete control. Made even better by the fact that she is amazing company too, and her looks and holds will take your breath away.

    I won’t go anywhere else now, there’s no point.

  2. Session Review – Minxy Li – date of session 27th August 2016

    Met Minxy for a fantasy wrestling session at alphafemmes’ wrestling ring. She looked amazing, and immediately put me at ease with some friendly chat (I am always a little nervous before sessions as I’m quite a shy person generally). It was great to discover a common connection in terms of places we’d previously lived in, so it was nice to connect on that level, and enabled the conversation to flow nicely.
    Minxy changed into a bikini and asked exactly what I wanted so I explained I wanted a fantasy session – pins / feet smothering / scissors / taunting/dominant attitude etc.
    Well I got everything I wished for!!

    Minxy is strong – both upper body and lower body (although I am rather weak personally, I don’t think that should detract from just how strong she is). She proceeded to kick my ass, whilst we constantly chatted, and she constantly took the piss (in a good way) out of me. Schoolgirl pins, various scissors and smothers. – I was placed and held in all of these holds until I either tapped out or she shifted position. More or less each hold culminated in Minxy shoving her feet in my face and either rubbing them over my face, or forcing me to kiss or talk to them (yes thats right, talk to them lol). I made the mistake of wearing a ‘Mr Tickle’ t-shirt, which she soon picked up on, and added a variety of tickling to the holds she had me trapped in, causing a lot of giggling from both of us. I spent a lot of time with my face buried under her gorgeous feet (no complaints from me!) and a lot of time chatting to her whilst pinned firmly to the mat. It was great!
    The session culminated in a final foot smother, and then 5 minutes of me being forced to massage her feet, and then give them a final kiss goodbye.
    Minxy was strong, fun, intelligent, hilarious and friendly, and I would highly recommend a session with her. I’m sure she would be able to tailor the session to your exact needs, like she did with mine. Highly recommend, and will definately rebook with her at some point!

  3. “I went for my first wrestling session with Venom this afternoon.  At one point during the session, Venom made me promise that I would write a glowing review for her.  This promise was made under extreme duress but if anything I feel much more compelled to honour it than I would in any other circumstances.

    Venom met me at the studio and was attractive and friendly (exactly as her pictures on the site).  I was very nervous and embarrassed but she was very reassuring -nonchalant to everything that was concerning me.  We briefly discussed the session I had requested and she seemed very enthusiastic and keen.  As the session began there was sudden and dramatic change in attitude form Venom and I was immediately overwhelmed.  I find it difficult to recall exactly but after only two or three submissions I passed out from a chokehold from this point onward things took a surreal turn.  I briefly forgot where I was and what I was doing and when I came to I was being taunted and chastised for passing out so soon.  I was given no rest and the session continued immediately.  For the rest of the entire session I was completely helpless against her and although I was reluctant to struggle at first, Venom encouraged me to and I soon became completely certain that there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop her from punching, kicking and choking me except tap out.  I was taken close to being choked out several times over the course of the session.  Her demeanour during the session was cool and intimidating and the things she said were wonderful.  So in addition to keeping me completely physically dominated she also said and did a lot of things that really messed with my mind.  Which scared and excited me in equal measure.  For the entire session her persona did not revert to the nice friendly girl who I had been greeted by on arrival, and if I wasn’t being tormented and was being made to worship Venom’s feet.  The entire time I was made to feel completely submissive this was reinforced by the fact that while she had a beak I was made to stand in the corner.  I didn’t even consider doing anything else I just knelt there with my head slump into the corner panting until she finished her break to resume bullying me.  At the end of the session a timer on venom’s phone went off and so as she stood up she told me to remain exactly where I was and I knelt there on all fours in a docile fashion until she told me I was allowed to get up.  After this she had finally reverted back to the friendly girl who had welcomed me in.  I chatted to her for a while after the session and she is lovely.  I got the distinct impression that she really enjoys her work and it is difficult to reconcile the out of session Venom to the version of herself who had been making me her bitch for the previous hour but since I thoroughly enjoyed that time who am I to judge?

    I will definitely book another session with Venom as soon as I am able to as she exceeded my expectations in every way and provided a very unique and special experience for me.”

  4. Had another great session with Venom, this time I asked her to dip into her Domme bag of tricks. I’ve met Venom a few times now and I trust her completely with sessions so I gave her pretty free reign to do what she wants. She didn’t disappoint.

    Before i was even ready she hurled herself at me. A couple of well placed knees put me down and she worked me over with her repertoire of holds. Eventually she took a seat on my back in a lotus hold, her pretty feet pressed into my face. I was ordered to lick them clean and initially refused, but as always Venom found a way to get what she wants. A few twists of my arms and i was licking away. Venom was really rubbing her dominance in now physically and mentally as the verbal humiliation began, highlighted by her threat to take a picture on her phone and share with my friends as my Christmas card!

    Next up was some bondage wrestling. She had me pinned down on my back and managed to maneuver me over to the corner of the studio where she had ominously placed the ropes before we started. I did try and fight back but some hard punches to the balls took the resistance out of me. After she had my hands secured i was forced to take a bit of a beat down from her hands feet and knees. I reached my breaking point and she made me beg for mercy before agreeing to let me go. She told me to get to my knees and lean forward so she could untie me. I should have known better, as soon as i leaned forward her powerful leg sent a hard kick straight into my balls. I crumbled in a heap and could here her laughing away as the room was spinning.

    She finally united me but then i faced my next ‘treat’…she decided to blindfold me. This was a totally new experience on the mats for me, Venom sneaking around messing with me, if i didn’t feel like pray before i did now. Everytime i reached out and thought i had her I’d get flipped or pulled into a hold and end up tapping. A RNC very nearly put me out, Venom letting go at the very last second and whispering sweetly in my ear ‘not yet, its not your nap time yet’

    After more begging she let me have a water break before again pinning me down. This time it was tickle torture, I’m not really that ticklish but Venom managed to find a spot where i was and tortured me with it. Semi conscious and laughing deliriously i must have looked like someone ready for the insane asylum. Venoms answer to this was to slap some since in me, for some reason despite the really stinging slaps i just couldn’t stop laughing which just encouraged Venom to go harder and harder! More begging followed, i think i declared her queen of the universe and me her faithful bitch serving without question. If you ask Venom for humiliation she will deliver! Having been amused by my begging, laughing and crying she put me out of my misery with a KO in a sleeper hold (RNC). I woke up, shaking back to life to a smiling Venom grinning and stroking my head.

    She had instantly gone from evil bitch queen of the universe domme Venom who had taken me apart for an hour, to sweet Venom checking I was ok and seeing if I needed anything.

    If she ever gives up sessions (please don’t!) she could surely have a career in acting. She would be the most believable bond girl ever! Shes so good sometimes it seems like there’s two Venom’s, the sweet friendly girl who’s easy to talk to and puts you at ease before and after the session and then the one in the session who is just a total bad ass. Luckily for me as a sub, i love both. Will be back for another rematch in 2016.

  5. Round 2 with Venom.

    After my great first session with Venom i was invited down to be a filming victim for a beatdown clip. The script called for me to play a burglar who wonders into Alpha Femmes and is apprehended by the one and only Venom. I then agree to take a beating so long as she doesn’t call the cops on me. Simple premise and sounded fun to me.

    I’ll not run through everything as you should really go and buy the clip to see the full story – Ive watched it back since it was filmed and its a lot of fun.

    But suffice to say I took one hell of a beating! Watching these clips I have always wondered how ‘real’ they are. Clearly there’s a script but are the wrestlers really kicking the victims? are they really squeezing them? the answer is yes! yes the are. I’m not that good an actor i can’t fake paint that well!

    Venom kicked my ass for 40 minutes with various scissors, arm bars, chokes and kicks. Throughout the video she is in full ‘dom’ character, evil and sadistic. I was told afterwards by Venom and Minxy that I made a very convincing scared victim, well that’s because i was! At various stages Venom would grab me and demand i take more punishment and id fearfully agree. This was genuine, she gets into character so well I’d pretty much forgot she was acting! She was so dominant that my submissive instinct kicked in. It doesn’t hurt that she can put me into a position where I’m completely helpless in a matter of seconds. She has a fantastic evil smile that’s both sexy and scary at the same time. Highly recommended her for anyone who wants to do a role play scenario. Give her a role and i guarantee she will pull it off with ease.

    She ran through her arsenal on me – if you have read any over reviews of her you will know about her arm bars that come from all angles, her scissors that are stronger then bodybuilders twice her size, her RNC that can put you out in seconds and her world famous triangle.

    As they have all been covered ina lot of detail before i wont give you a blow by blow of them but I will talk about 2 of her less celebrated skills she used which were new experiences for me.

    Foot chokes – I always think they look fake in videos, I mean you never see them in MMA do you? They can’t really hurt? They do. or at least he do when Venom does them. She pressed her feet into me and closed my throat, breathing? no chance, i was totally helpless, all the while she is looking me in the eye with that evil smile.

    I also got to experience some head kicks. Venom had said she would hold back on these for fear of hurting me. Well even holding back she knocked me into next week! She is fast accurate and strong – knowing how hard she can scissor i really shouldnt have been surprised that those legs pack one hell of a bang! There are 2 kicks in particular that had me seeing stars – if you get the clips it is the very last kick and the kick just before the scene cuts 2/3rds in – when i go down i am not faking this, she put me down! if she hadn’t been holding back they would have had to carry me out on a stretcher!

    We had a good chat afterwards after Venom came back from evil dom Venom to funny bubbly Venom – its amazing how fast she can switch!

    So to sum up Venom is a lovely girl, with an infectious personality full of charisma who just happens to be absolutely lethal! She has a huge array of weapons that she can unleash. Whatever type of session you want from competitive to role play she will deliver.

  6. I recently had the pleasure of having 3 sessions at Alphafemmes. The first was two 30 minute sessions against the Hungarian girls Viktoria and Zsuzsa. I wrestled Viktoria first followed by Zsuzsa. They were both lovely girls, pretty in different ways and very capable wrestlers. However, the most impressive aspect of this session time was the way that Minxy looked after her clients. I was feeling pretty sick during and after the session and Minxy took great care of me, even coming and waiting for the cab with me and making sure that I got away safely. Hats off to you Minxy, this is what The Alphafemmes experience that little bit better than wrestling in a hotel. The next day – feeling much better, I wrestled Athena, at quite short notice. Both Athena and I were a little early, so we chatted for 10 or 15 minutes in the cafe near the Alphafemmes studio. Athena is a lovely girl, a great conversationalist and very attractive to boot. So we got to wrestling and Athena is stronger than she looks and quite the competitor, we had a great roll and the hour flew by. I would highly recommend Alphafemmes to anybody interested in mixed wrestling, a great little venue, with an excellent hostess and amazing wrestlers. Thanks Minxy and crew for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

  7. Heading in to the session with Venom I already had three sessions earlier with a lot of kicks and punches. So I was kind of sore all over the body. Venom greeted me outside the overground station with a teasing kick to my chest and asked me if I was up for some more – are there any other answers than Yes to that? :)

    The session itself was a beatdown / foot worship session with some punching and a lot of kicks to my legs, arms, body, and balls. And as I said, being quite sore it didn’t take much power in her kicks and punches to make them really sting. My pain threshold was quite love – being kicked in the same bruise all day long is painful – but she read my reactions perfectly and adjusted her tempo and power in her hitting by that. When I had too much she broke off with some grappling moves letting me worship her feet.

    One thing that struck me was how powerful her legs were. She always had such a power in her kicks and even when she didn’t kick me that hard she had good weight in them constantly making me lose my balance.

    But as I mentioned. Being my 4th session within 24h the effort took it’s toll on me and the pain and fatigue finally tore me apart. I brole down in tears, sobbing like a child but still it felt good. My body and mind simply reacted to a whole day of beating. Venom was really cool and tender giving me comfort and the last bit of the session we focused more on foot worship.

    Overall it was an totally mind blowing session. Venom has such bossy manners that brings so many different emotions and feelings to the session. At some points, for a brief moment, I felt intimidated but she was so cool and professional through out the session and I trusted her 100 %. My breakdown was also a really powerful feeling taking my submissive side to a whole other level. I am glad that I did experience that at the end of the session.

  8. I had my first session with Venom today, what an experience! Finding the studio was easy enough and i was met walking in by Minxy. She was running for her taxi but still took the time to introduce herself and show me up, she was really friendly and was fun to talk to, albeit briefly. Once I met Venom it was more of the same, as she is an incredibly sweet and friendly girl. We had a quick chat about the session and the travel nightmares we had and how long it took me finally book a session. Also just to add her pictures don’t do her justice she is really pretty and quite a site in her wrestling/mma gear.

    I asked for a semi-comp session and said i would try and fight of her holds, she was allowed to use strikes and other punishments as she wanted. From the first minute i knew i was in trouble as i was taken down and choked out and made to tap for the first of countless times. The main moves were scissors, triangles, pins and arm bars but so many different variations I couldn’t possibly name them all. As if getting physically dominated wasn’t enough Venom decided to run up the humiliation, slapping me, rubbing her feet in my face and laughing at my ‘muscles being all for show’. After a particularly hard squeeze from her she pinned me while i was struggling to catch my breath. While i was pinned down she told me it had me it had only been 10 minutes, sheer panic went through me and i had to say there’s no way i can do another 50 minutes. She laughed and admitted she hadn’t kept track of the time and was just winding me up! About half way through we took a quick break and it was this point i realized how weak, tired and light headed i was. You see in some mixed-wrestling media stories of the smaller fitter girl wearing down the bigger guy, well i was experiencing it. When we started again i didn’t have much fight left in me and was just getting tapped at will. We finished with my special request, a KO choke. Venom took extra safety measures and went through the whole process with me. She put me out in a few seconds with her RNC, which in retrospect shows how easy she had been going on me when keeping me in holds! Being KO’d by Venom was a surreal experience, i felt like I’d been out for an hour or 2 and had a weird dream but apparently it had been about 5 seconds!

    Afterwards she made sure i was ok offered me a drink and something to eat. She was a delight to work with the entire time.

    To sum up, I have to compare to other sessions I’ve had. I’ve always enjoyed them but in the back of mind I’ve always thought 2 things which i think a lot of guys who do sessions think with our male egos:

    1. I could get out of this if i really really wanted to and gave it 100%
    2. She couldn’t get me in this position if I didn’t let her.

    Those statements don’t apply to Venom! Our session was meant to be semi competitive, it wasn’t as I’m nowhere near good enough to compete with her physically. I’m probably twice her size and could lift 4 time her weight but shes so good it counts for nothing. She could do anythings he want’s to me and I couldn’t stop her. A little scary but a dream for anyone who has had a fantasy about being totally dominated by a woman. A domme could tie you to a cross and she would have less control over you then Venom will over you on a wrestling mat – can’t recommend enough, book her!

  9. Hi Alpha Femmes UK

    I bought weeks ago a custom boxing match between two of your beautiful girls. I am a deep amateur of female competitive boxing but unfortunately I bought some customs videos from others vendors and it was always foxy boxing. So I try your website and……..

    Simply incredible. Isabella and Venum fought with a lot of passion, real punches, it has all what I have requested on the scenario. Unbelivable, it was so amazing I bought another custom video with Luna and also was very happy. 5 stars video !

    I highly recommended Alpha Femmes. Their management answer very quickly and was very helpful to find solutions to your scenario. Very kind and very efficient, I waited just a week to receive my video (other vendors took many months before).

    Thanks again Alpha, with great pleasure I will order a new video.

  10. I requested a custom match between Isabella and Venom and got exactly as I requested. No request in my script went unnoticed as Alpha Femmes, Isabella and Venom went well beyond the call of duty. I will most definitely order another custom.

  11. I requested a custom video, it was a female competitive wrestling match between Venom and Blaze. I think both wrestlers did their best to win the match and the quality of the video was also very good. I am very happy with the final product and I hope to request more custom videos with Alpha Femmes UK. Thank you very much.

  12. I booked Laken to join another wrestler in a double session – the whole experience was first class.
    Arranging and in the run up to the session – you could not ask for it to be easier to deal with Laken

    On the evening itself, the hour flew by, Laken is a bundle of fun, energy and cheek – added to that a very competent wrestler

    Laken is another credit to the Alpha Femmes website – don’t think about – just book it

  13. Bought the Isabella Muscles over the weekend, and very pleased with the video. I was expecting a posing video, but got more than that. Isabella is gorgeous and perfectly proportioned. She’s simultaneously muscular and feminine and I loved how she breathfully and methodically flexed her muscles one by one, taking me on a tour of her impressive physique. Well worth the £6 and then some. Another great clip from alphafemmes!

    PS. What a fantastic voice. I could listen to it all day!

    • Don’t you just love the way she looks into the camera as she speaks? Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with us once again, and your repeat custom.

  14. Venom did a super custom for me recently. My requirementd for costume and filming were followed in detail. The video editing was of high quality and I would certainly like to have another video produced by Alphafemme especially if Venom can feature in it as she is just too cool for words… And she won her very tough match as well.

  15. Many thanks to AlphaFemmes for producing my latest commissioned clip. I have to say the clip has more than exceeded all my expectations. Isabella and Venom were brilliant throughout, they both performed above and beyond what I’d expected. Tops marks to both girls. Very much looking forward to commissioning another clip with Isabella and Venom. Thank you.

  16. Well, I’ve just been blown away! Wow!

    Having spent hard earned money on a custom clip with the adorable and sultry Laken, I was hopeful about what to expect, but not prepared for how well it would be executed. Mind = Blown!

    First off, credit to the cameraperson for playing the POV role so well and making me feel part of the action. Also, the quality of picture and sound were great.

    But in the main, Laken played the starring role so well, it set my pulse racing and temperature rising! I gave a general story outline and she totally ran with it and made it her own. I was totally swept up with it – to the point where (as per scenario) I actually thought I had a difficult choice to make! When the cash is ready, I would go back to Laken and AlphaFemmesUK in a heartbeat. If you’re hovering over whether or not to go ahead – email and find out what can be done, but do not hold *any* doubts about the quality of delivery. It is assured.

    One very happy customer

  17. Laken
    You look stunning on this website. Your other website does not do you justice.
    Your current image should land some modeling contracts.
    Continued success.
    Chicago Illinois USA

  18. last week was my first session with venom, and the biggest compliment I can pay Venom is to arrange another session – need some time to recover but it is on the cards.

    If your unsure whether to book yourself – don’t think – just do it – the whole process from start to finish was very easy
    Venom herself is down to earth, relaxed and fun

    The session itself flew by, considering Venom had already competed several times that day – i consider myself lucky I was not the first

    Look forward to arranging the next

  19. Venom versus Blaze looks a sensational match up courtesy of Alphafemmes. I am sure this is one match that nobody will want to miss. I wonder who will win?

  20. The venue is perfect for seession – a professional ring, all padded out and plenty of space.

  21. I have just had my first session with Venom today and to say it was amazing is an understatement.
    Before we began our session, I found it hard to believe that this soft spoken seemingly shy & gentle girl is one of the top deadliest female session wrestlers.
    Our role-playing session was non-stop action, and I did try putting up a fight, naively thinking I could make it a challenge for her to put me in my place… boy was I mistaken!
    Venom had me under her control without even breaking a sweat, any guys who think they stand a chance against her… good luck!

    This was a brilliant first session with Venom, and highly recommend you book with her if you haven’t already!

    • Thank you very much for your feedback. We are delighted that you enjoyed your tortured experience with one of our finest fighters. -Come back when you’ve stopped aching!

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