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Age: 38

Height:  5ft 8

Weight: 138 lbs (63kg)

Favourite Move: Rear choke


Experienced endurance athlete and currently full time cyclist. Has wrestled on many occasions both for filming and mixed wrestling sessions. I have a yellow belt in Jujitsu, and have taken part in No-gi Grappling events in the past. My favourite type of wrestling is Mixed and also grappling, I do custom videos and wrestle to semi competitive level. I will do competitive matches on occasion with selected opponents.

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12-14 November


Height: 5-9 (175 cm)

Weight: 149 pounds (68 kg), born: 1976

Semi-competitive and wrestling domination.

Another Hungarian beauty, Bora is a fighting, tattooed brunette, who has been wrestling for years, and trained many girls to fight.

Available for custom video’s and sessions.

This lady testifies to having a high pain threshold, tough body, and determination to fight and win.

All who wish to take this lady on can email and book quickly before she runs out of booking slots.