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Height:  5ft

Weight: 57 kg

Chest: 34DD

Biceps: 20.5 inches

She’s back! The dusky, muscular, female body builder beauty is returning to London this July. Fresh from her physique competitions, and still in shape for one more in August. Ashley is in top competition condition and looking very strong! She is taking time out to stop off in London once again. Ashley will be available for semi comp, fantasy, muscle worship, and domination sessions in our AF UK Wrestling Studio in Hackney Wick.

Please form an orderly queue. Email to book your custom clips and sessions to


Its the season for Hungarian travelling wrestlers.

This August we are delighted to host Sasha and Jenna from Hungary. Both wrestlers are from Tia’s Fighting Agency. You may have been lucky to have seen these ladies previously at LWS, and if not you can see them here at the AF UK Wrestling Studio. If you did see them previously, you know you would love more of them!

Here are their details:


Height: 160 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Sasha is a professional world champion power lifter. This means lifting any man up to 150kg, is like lifting up a feather. Her muscular physique is some thing to behold and worship.

In addition to her power lifting capabilities, Sasha also has some Japanese Jiu Jitsu training, so she can also have a semi-comp or fantasy match if you fancy your chances, or just want to be dominated.

Sasha is available for sessions and custom video requests.

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Height: 170 cm

Weight: 68 kg

The lovely Jenna is trained in the classic grappling sport of judo. So watch out for those throws. If you think you can wear her out before she wears you out, think again. Jenna loves cardio exercise and marathon running, this means one hour on the mats will be a mere warm up!

If you want to polish up your cardio, or just enjoy not being able to keep up, Jenna will be sure to make sure you enjoy meeting her on the mats.

Jenna is available for sessions and custom video requests.

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Date: 29th June

Time: 12-3pm

Entry: £15 on the door

Male vs Male TEMPLATE

The next Male vs Meet up is to be held at the brand new AF UK  Wrestling Studio.

Come along and join in. Its a great day for all who enjoy wrestling/boxing/watching. It is a boys club meet, but the men’s female friends/partners are welcome to join the audience and cheer the guys on.

How it works:

Pay your entry on the door, bring your sports gear, and wrestle or box as many people as you can! Accept challengers, or be the challenger who invites a fellow participant onto the mats.

These events are very popular, so show up early to avoid disappointment.


Everyone’s favourite mixed wrestling blogger spied we had a new wrestling studio, so naturally he had questions to ask.

Click here to read his questions, with our responses and a few other interesting interviews too.

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Length: 20 minutes

It happened at AF UK Femme Event first! This is an Alpha Femmes UK original match up.

Mystique and Scorpion meet for the very first time, and neither knew the other. They are complete strangers, and Mystique has no inhibitions on the mats against Scorpion, a new unknown to the session wrestling world.

Both ladies hit the mats in earnest, and Mystique puts on the genuine tough fight we know her for. Scorpion has to do her best to defend against her opponent’s determined and intense offence. As we expect, Mystique is relentless and owns the mats. Scorpion can only but try.

Please note, this match is 100% genuine. There was no pre-arranged ‘talk’. At the time there was no previous familiarity between these two fighters, and the 110% effort is clear to see in the final scores, and physical exertion both wrestlers display at the end of the match.

*Video features additional fight entrance footage recorded by Ultra Violet on her hand held device.