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Spring is in the air, and so is the urge for our wrestlers to wrestle.

We are sure you are all feeling the same, so here is a list of who will be available where, and when:



Amazon Annie: (VISITING WRESTLER) – Monday 20th April @ Alpha Femmes UK Mat Room




Saturday 18th April

Monday 20th April (@ Alpha Femmes UK Mat Room)

Saturday 9th May Grove Park Ring.



Serenity Steele: Friday 1st May  @ Alpha Femmes UK Mat Room


Jenny Bandeau (VISITING WRESTLER): Saturday May 9th (fantasy, semi comp and custom clip orders).


Inferno has made a comeback after time out from an injury. She has good availability with notice. (Fantasy and semi comp sessions only).



Valkyrie (New Wrestler) is available weekdays and weekends with notice.


Isbella Muscle 1

Isabella is available Thursdays and weekends with notice.


Email for booking enquiries or complete the form below:

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Our international treasure…

Height: 165 cm
Weight: 65 kg
UK Shoe size: 5.5/6

Level: Experienced Figher

Living up to the name Valkryie, this Canadian born wrestler is no stranger to hard work. With 14 years of competitive martial arts experience including Isshinryu Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing/Kickboxing, and varsity wrestling under her belt, she has gained the tools to lay a smack down in any situation, and be a true Alpha Femme UK fighter.

Valkyrie is also a former fitness instructor, wrestling and mixed martial arts coach, and women’s self defense instructor. So guys, watch out, you are going to be trembling because of her skills, as well as her beauty.

When not on the mats this stunning Alpha Femme UK lady is in the gym slinging weights – or on the catwalk. As her modelling experience would suggest, Valkryie is available for photos as well as one on one sessions.

Friendly and outgoing, she will make you laugh while giving you a challenge. She enjoys experimenting with different kinds of healthy food in the kitchen and spending her down time reading. So she can give you nutrition advice or culture while she has you snared in her hooks.

Valkyrie is available for sessions and photographic work.