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Sadly Inferno has been injured and is no longer able to attend this event. But! Great news, Scorpion will make her debut and show us all what she’s got. Fight line ups which previously featured Inferno will now be revised. Watch out for updated match line ups.

Femme Flyer March 1 2015

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If you have read our January Round Up newsletter, you will probably already know that three more ladies have joined the Alpha Femmes UK roster.

Can there be too much of a good thing? -Our answer is “NO!”.So therefore we would like to introduce you to our newest ladies:


Luna Credit


Scorpion Credit

And not forgetting Laken, who has signed Alpha Femmes UK Productions to manage and produce all of her custom video requests.


Wow, someone just turned the heat up this month!

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Deni Pitbull aka Sankaku Queen


London: 26th & 27th March 2015

Manchester 28th & 29th March 2015

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Skill level: Superior Professional Fighter

This European born, and Brazilian raised, muscle lady is  highly skilled and trained in a choice of martial arts: Muai Thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo and wrestling. She can choke you with her feet, arms, or just throw you to the ground (if that is your preference). Deni Pitbull will have choice of gi’s or bikinis to fight in, and even high heels or sneakers (if this is your preference). Deni is martial arts instructor and has trained men and women. So if you aren’t brave enough to hit the mats with her, you could ask he for a lesson. You can book Deni for fantasy boxing, fantasy wrestling, wrestling, competitive, semi competitive, or just kiss her feet in awe.

Available for video work.

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The first month in business for Alpha Femmes has concluded, and what a great month it was.

Since the launch of our Agency on January the 1st, every day has produced new events and achievements.

The agency would be nothing without some lovely ladies, and in the first instance, six fabulously talented established wrestlers signed up onto our books. They are none other than Venom, Athena, Serenity Steel, Inferno, Meg, and Isabella. We have to say thank you ladies for the leap of faith. Ashley Starr a visiting international wrestler also appeared on our website. AF UK looks forward to her returning. We are so proud and pleased to be working with some of the finest and most desirable session wresting industry talent.

Hot off the marks with the questions was blogger, mixed wresting patron, and fan, Michael Cross. Mike compiled a nicely probing interview which gave us an opportunity to tell the world who we are and what we are about. In some cases it answered people’s questions, and in other controversial peer circles, it did not. But hey, it still gave us an opportunity to have an interview with Michael Cross. Click here to read the interview.

Naturally the first week of business was not going to pass without us creating our Twitter and Facebook Pages. We signed up and began tweeting and posting. We have a fair few followers, which means someone out there is reading our thoughts and updates.

The Alpha Femmes UK management and stakeholders agreed that if we really wanted to put ourselves on the map, we would have to organise some events asap. So we did! We have a male wrestling meet up event on the 3rd February (Click here for male event details), and our first competitive female event on the 1st March (Click here for female event details). We can’t wait to watch the girls in action on the mats. One match we all can’t wait to watch is Venom vs Blaze. This match is kindly sponsored by an overseas fan who is an avid follower of the session wrestling scene. Thank you Mr Sponsor! As an extra special treat for us all, Honey has agreed to be our match referee. So she does not need to hang up her referee dress just yet. We may also have some special wrestling VIP guests showing up to cheer the girls on.

Very early on Alpha Femmes UK began to receive enquires and take session bookings in venues across London. Along with the use of existing known studios, we also sourced a fine studio in Barnet, and also a full sized private pro-wrestling ring in Grove Park. To top it all off, we found our very own mat room in Honor Oak Park (available from February onwards). Those who may feel sentimental about previous sessions at LWS, will be pleased to see the LWS the mats live on. Honey kindly agreed to let Alpha Femmes UK purchase her famous green mats. Not only did Honey kindly sell us the mats, but she also came along to the AF UK mat room, and helped us to fit them.

From the first 48 hours of business, custom clip orders have been rolling in. So before they had time to recover from their new year celebrations, the girls were wrestling and filming from the get-go. Alpha Femmes UK Productions has filmed and delivered a lift and carry clip starring Meg, some fantasy wrestling and bondage clips featuring Athena and Venom (hilarious duo on screen). Isabella went into the ring with Venom for a competitive, no head-guard boxing match. It was action packed stuff. There are more productions in process featuring Meg and Isabella. No doubt Venom will be back in front of the camera very soon.

Creative photographer Victor Kurzweil kindly photographed Meg and another new wrestler. He produced some beautiful shots which can be seen on Meg’s profile, and the rest will be appearing on our various posts and updates in the future.

Meg attended her first BJJ training class with Venom last week, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Venom told us that she enjoyed rolling with Meg. She makes a good opponent, because Venom tells us she “just steam rollers all the other girls”. Oh dear, someone with Meg’s strength and Venom’s skills! Goodness help you men.

As January draws to an end, we are feeling very excited and look forward to February. Thank you for the interest you have shown in our new company, we look forward to growing and continuing to provide great sessions and wrestling entertainment.

*Upcoming events*

3rd February: Male vs Male meet up.

New Alpha Femmes Mat room will be available for bookings.

*Breaking News*

We are pleased to announce that Luna and Scorpion (new kid on the block) have joined the Alpha Femmes UK roster, they are both available for sessions and video work. Welcome to Alpha Femmes UK ladies! Their profiles will be on the site very soon.

Another fantastic sign up is the lovely Laken! Yes this little star has contracted our production company to manage and produce her custom clip orders. So get script writing guys! We can’t wait to work with Laken. It’s always great fun and she makes everyone peppermint tea. And we know you can’t keep your eyes off her.

Enjoy some shots and scenes of from January, our first month of business: