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A Brand New and Exciting Session Wrestling Agency is in London Town

London based Alpha Femmes UK provides a choice of venues in various locations around the capital,  (other UK locations can be arranged subject to availability and notice).

Alpha Femmes UK brings you the same exciting private underground wrestling experience that you know and love, and also some new experiences not so widely catered for …until now.


On the Alpha Femmes UK site, you will see some familiar faces, and new ones too. Alpha Femmes UK intends to create a platform for newly sourced talent, and regular monthly travelling wrestlers.


We will be hosting quarterly events designed to showcase a diverse range of talent, of all skill levels. There will be good old fashioned novices, to the skilled grapplers we are becoming accustomed too. But it wont be all about the girls (just most of the time), we will also host male vs male events and of course the fun mixed wrestling occasions too.

Custom Video Orders

Alpha Femmes UK caters for custom video clip orders. Take your pick: fem vs fem, mixed, or male vs male. We can do it all. Just create your script, or provide us with a premise, we will take care of the rest.